Sunday, August 17, 2008

Silly kids

I'm really enjoying watching our son and daughter develop a relationship with each other. Lia is 4 and Nathan is 18 months and he's starting to repeat every sound he hears. She's teaching him animal noises as her big sister project. It's so fun to have her roar like a lion and hear him repeat her. He even mooed this week when she said 'cow'. Her newest thing is to teach him his body parts. She asks where his head is and he slaps himself in the forehead. It looks painful, but he always laughs. She asks where his nose is and he sticks his finger in it every time.

With Lia, I enjoyed teaching her all of those things and I enjoy doing so with Nathan as well, but Lia considers him her baby too and she wants her big sister projects to revolve around educating 'baby'. I'm so proud of her for loving him and showing it. It makes me proud to be a mom!

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