Thursday, August 28, 2008

Preschool Physical

Ok we all know that the kids have to get checked out every year before starting school. So far I've been on schedule, but this year it got put off until today which happens to be a week AFTER school has started. Anyway, I practiced with Lia before we left the house so she'd know what to expect. I told her about the doctor checking her throat and ears and how they'd check her blood pressure. We pretended it was a "birthday balloon" and she made a wish every time the nurse squeezes it. When all done she would blow really hard to make the wishes come true. I figure whatever works is good for me. She did really great with all of it! The nurse then hands us a gown for her and then tells me Lia will have to pee in a cup. I totally was thrown!! First of all, how is a 4 year old supposed to manage that? Second, since she obviously can't manage on her own, what am I supposed to do with my 18 month old while I help her? And last---Where in the Mama Handbook is it that I have to hold a cup for her to pee in?? That page must have been ripped out or something.

So the nurse was gracious enough to watch Nathan while Lia and I slipped to the little girl's room and took care of business. Let's just say she doesn't tinkle well under pressure. Then when she decided she could 'go' she also mentioned she had to poop. Let me tell ya that I quickly decided a urine sample was unnecessary and I was outta there. She laughed at me because she really didn't have to poop, but wanted to know what I would do. That little stinker!! It all turned out okay and they got their three drops to test. That's all I could get before she tinkled on my hand. UGH!! Had I thought it through, I would have requested gloves. Thankfully the bathroom had a full soap supply.

After that, Lia ended up getting four shots--two in each leg. She cried a little bit, and of course I wanted to join right in, but I had to stay positive and keep it together for her. Nathan cried loudest because he wanted to be held and I had to put him down while I held Lia's hands. She got TWO green suckers and a Diego sticker afterward then we met Daddy for a special BK lunch.

We told her how proud we were of her and now she's excited to go to school and tell all of her friends about her experience.

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Kristina said...

FYI urine is supposed to be sterile and it generally really is in children. So it's really not so bad. Now the poop, that's different..... :( hehe