Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What happened to customer service?

Monday was a big day for us. We traded in our SUV for a mini van. I'm now a proud owner of a Buick Terazza mom-mobile and I love.

However, before we could make the transaction we had a few things to take care of. First, we decided to go to McD's for lunch. Larry asked for a refill on his sweet tea and was refused. I gave it a try and was refused. I made sure they knew that I've always gotten a refill and I wasn't about to pay $1.06 for a $.03 cup of water and sugar. The boy refilled the cup. What's the big deal about refilling a cup for a customer? If you want the customers to return shouldn't you try to make them happy? What happened to 'the customer is always right'? Do they NOT know they are in the SERVICE industry?

After that we went to the Secretary of State's office to get the title to our truck. Larry had to sit in line for almost two hours. At least the people were cooperative and polite. While he waited, Nathan and I went to the grocery store at the end of the strip mall so I could buy a book. When I got to the registers they were all full with about four people in each lines with full buggies. I only wanted a book. There were no self-check registers at all so I took my spot in line. I was fine with waiting until I noticed a couple of cashiers that had closed their registers so they could talk about their boyfriends. Finally they opened their lines when the manager spotted them. I was raised that when you're at work you should actually WORK. Talking is for your break--but that's just me.

We were then off to the bank where it took two plus hours for us to sign four pieces of paper. Again, the bank rep was kind and helpful. The reason for the delay was the incorrect paperwork given to us by the dealership--not the bank. When we got to the dealership we found that they had charged us several hundred dollars extra to file the documents. When we went over the numbers last week, nobody ever mentioned a document fee. It adds up to an extra payment. We weren't happy. The salesmen just shrugged and took us out to the van. They hadn't even bothered to clean it up. I would think that when selling a vehicle it should be washed with a little armor all on the dash, but they didn't bother. Larry let them know and they remedied the situation. Why did the customer have to point out a service they should provide without question? We had already gone through so much trouble to get the loan and title that we proceeded with the deal. I really wished I had the advantage of just walking away and letting them know why. Oh well.

I want to encourage everyone to remember to serve others as we should serve the Lord. Regardless of your profession, we should all remember to be in the 'service' industry for God's people.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Glorify God

This morning Sunday School went well. We talked about making our bodies a temple. I've heard it all my life and it didn't really sink in until this lesson how important it is to take good care of ourselves. God wants us to be in the best possible health so that we can be used for his glory. If we are not healthy by our own doing (not genetic diseases, but too much cake) then we have set limitations on how God can use us. We are literally robbing him of glory by not being our best. I know I struggle daily with food because we must eat to live and sometimes I live a bit too much. Now I plan to try to remember to glorify God in ALL things I do--including sitting down to a meal or planning more exercise.

Lord, help me to remember to keep you first in ALL things. Help me with my weaknesses and use my strengths to your glory. Amen

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wishes come true

Since Larry was a little boy he has wanted to scuba dive. Finally today he gets his wish. He's taking his first scuba class and will get to be in the pool to learn his stuff. I have a fear of water and every time I think about being under water I have to take a deep breath. I know he'll be safe and will have a great time. I'm so happy his dream is coming true.

Also, Nathan used a fork today for the first time. He did it just right and the food got in his mouth and everything. My baby is growing up.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Park day

Larry was off work today so we all went to a new park. It was really beautiful since it used to be a golf course. There is a wonderful play area for the kids and a picnic pavilion too. The bathrooms were even clean. There are beautiful flowers everywhere and even an area for weddings. We had a great time just being a family and having fun. It's too bad I forgot my camera.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What are our children learning?

I always try to teach our daughter that she's beautiful on the inside and outside. I tell her that actions speak louder than words and to obey the Golden Rule. I try to show her not to judge a book by it's cover. Then the TV is on and most shows are talking about what people are wearing or how much they weigh. Not only are entire shows dedicated to judging people on their appearance, but entire networks are based on it as well. How are our children supposed to learn their inner value when the world is saying it isn't as important as the jeans you wear or the size you are?

I know one answer is to turn off the TV. I can control that part so we only watch educational things when she's home, but then a trip to the grocery store exposes them to magazines with that same derogatory message. I take her to buy clothes and everything has a comment on the backside or shows her belly. She's FOUR!! I don't want people seeing her innocent belly or trying to read her backside.

I think as parents, we need to join together to fight the messages sent to our children. Who's with me?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My first blog

I've been wanting to do this for some time now. I thought it'd be great way of recording what the kids do or just expressing my thoughts of the day.

Today we went to the Mops picnic at Jeanine's house. The kids had a great time! Nathan played in the sandbox and Lia played in the pool. Both took long naps after we got home and I gave them a bath.

On the way there we passed some protesters that had a 40 foot rat inflated on the side of the road. Lia was a bit scared of it and it was a bit creepy. I had to laugh when she said the rat scared the Jesus out of her. I'm glad we believe once saved always saved.