Sunday, July 13, 2008

Glorify God

This morning Sunday School went well. We talked about making our bodies a temple. I've heard it all my life and it didn't really sink in until this lesson how important it is to take good care of ourselves. God wants us to be in the best possible health so that we can be used for his glory. If we are not healthy by our own doing (not genetic diseases, but too much cake) then we have set limitations on how God can use us. We are literally robbing him of glory by not being our best. I know I struggle daily with food because we must eat to live and sometimes I live a bit too much. Now I plan to try to remember to glorify God in ALL things I do--including sitting down to a meal or planning more exercise.

Lord, help me to remember to keep you first in ALL things. Help me with my weaknesses and use my strengths to your glory. Amen

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