Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What are our children learning?

I always try to teach our daughter that she's beautiful on the inside and outside. I tell her that actions speak louder than words and to obey the Golden Rule. I try to show her not to judge a book by it's cover. Then the TV is on and most shows are talking about what people are wearing or how much they weigh. Not only are entire shows dedicated to judging people on their appearance, but entire networks are based on it as well. How are our children supposed to learn their inner value when the world is saying it isn't as important as the jeans you wear or the size you are?

I know one answer is to turn off the TV. I can control that part so we only watch educational things when she's home, but then a trip to the grocery store exposes them to magazines with that same derogatory message. I take her to buy clothes and everything has a comment on the backside or shows her belly. She's FOUR!! I don't want people seeing her innocent belly or trying to read her backside.

I think as parents, we need to join together to fight the messages sent to our children. Who's with me?

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Melissa said...

Hi Emily! Thanks for posting the link to your blog. I agree 100% with the modesty issue. Let our little girls be little girls as long as possible!