Monday, August 25, 2008

Is sanity worth jail time?

Today I had to buy school supplies for my dear Lia's Pre-K class. Since I had a gift card to Wal-Mart, that was where I went. We walked the store looking for random items like plastic shoe boxes, shaving cream and water colors. Why a Pre-K class needs shaving cream I have no idea. We also needed a pillow case cover. We walked the store three times before we found them tucked into a corner and then they were so expensive I walked away. By this time Lia and Nathan were both tired and hungry which made us all very very grumpy. After standing in line (20 items or less) for 40 minutes I was losing my sanity. On a side note: why does it take so long to get through the express lane and why are there only 3 check outs open at a super Wal-Mart?!? By the time we made it to the check out both kids were hitting each other even though I separated them time and again. Hitting means crying and crying leads to screaming on my part as well as theirs.

At that point I just imagined the Wal-Mart security guard would judge me as a bad parent and call social services to get my children. I envisioned sitting in the Wal-Mart security office while the security guard took the kids to the toy department while waiting for the social worker. Then the security guard would come back after 10 minutes with my children and apologize profusely for misjudging me. He would then understand that I wasn't a bad parent and I didn't deserve jail time, but I was just a frazzled mama shopping for school supplies.

At that point I realized I was day dreaming and that I still had my little lovies screaming at each other.'s so good to be the mama.

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Melissa said...

boy, I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way sometimes!