Monday, November 30, 2009

kid happenings fall 09

"Being a Mama is hard work."--Lia Wilson I hope she remembers that when she gives me a hard time.

"Where are the rest of their clothes?"--Lia while watching Dancing With The Stars

Nathan got the video camera and deleted everything! That will teach us to download things a bit quicker.

Bubba is wearing a hot pink tutu and dancing. He totally rocks it.

Lia says, "Daddy, will you dance with me? It's okay if you aren't a prince and we can just pretend you are handsome."

Nathan said he wanted to brush his teeth and asked for the 'poot taste' instead of the toothpaste.

I love watching Nathan be silly. He fell and skinned his knees so I gave him huge blue band aids. Now he's walking like a mummy so he doesn't mess up the bandages.

fantastic mommy day. Gymnastics and shopping with Lia, snuggles with both kids and then playing in the leaves. Finished off with gourmet pizza for dinner and a good movie. I'm so thankful God chose me to be their mama.

enjoyed my morning with Lia. She says..."Mom, I'm going to lose more teeth, but I won't lose my sweet tooth."

had fun doing craft time with Lia. We painted wooden flowers. "My favorite part is gettin' messy."--Lia Wilson

for future reference: If silly putty ends up on your remote control, it will take a long time to get it off the buttoons. You may want to block off a portion of your day.

members of my family attacked by the Ickies. I thought it best to keep Lia home from church. She cried and cried ..."but I LOVE church and I want to go." Larry is making pancakes to make her feel better. (11/1/09)

enjoyed watching Lia finally master some of her gymanastics, then going with her to spend her tooth fairy money. She bought a cowgirl hat and a stick unicorn.

Nathan just tackled Lia and knocked out one of her teeth. I said, "Nathan, you just knocked out Lia's tooth!" He responded, "Wow, cool!" I guess the tooth fairy is flying by tonight. (10/30/09) tooth #2

"Nathan is being a little bother"..Lia Wilson ( I think she may watch too much Olivia)

thinks Nathan wants to be a thief when he grows up. I keep finding him under the dining table with all the things he's taken from us. Just found him with my camera, Larry's wallet and cell phone.

Had lots of fun partying with Lia's Kindergarten class this morning! Lia hugged me and told me how much she appreciated me organizing her party. Made it totally worth it.

things I never thought I'd say to my kids". My example: Nathan!! Get your head out of the toilet!!

Lia just lost her first tooth--literally. It came out while she was eating a crouton and she swallowed it. Now I have to write a note to the tooth fairy excusing the absence of her tooth from under the pillow, yet still asking for money. (10/25/09)

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