Monday, January 5, 2009

Boys vs. Girls

Nathan is into EVERYTHING all the time!! He won't keep his clothes on and is constantly taking off his diaper. When he goes down for a nap, he just strips naked and plays with his man bits. The other day we noticed he was very quiet and figured he was playing in the bedroom. How right we were....he had found my fingernail polish and was sitting buck naked in the middle of our bed (on our white sheets) and he was painting his man bits hot pink! I'm saving that story for his future girlfriends---payback for messing up the sheets. ; )

Now we're duct taping his diaper on...that doesn't really work either. He just takes his clothes off and takes the tape off too. I've tried putting him in onesies or one piece pj's, but he figured out how to strip those as well. I'm embracing him being naked...for now. Maybe I'll even try to potty train him since his bits are already out there.

We're not only duct taping his diaper, but furniture and other items as well. He constantly takes the cover off the vacuum so we've taped it shut. A few moments ago he came and handed me the tape. So much for that idea. We taped his drawers shut on his dresser because he kept going in after the lotion and diaper cream so he could squirt it around the room. That didn't work either..the tape just came off. I know about the child locks and all that, but those didn't work either since they leave a slight gap in the drawer big enough for his little hand to fit.

The kicker is that this is all new for us. Our daughter never got into anything...we really didn't even need to childproof much since she would just listen when we told her to stay away from things. She played quietly in her room or in the family room with her toys or books. She still does. Now I'm adjusting to having an almost two year old that is ALL BOY!

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