Monday, November 24, 2008

Wal-Mart crazy

It happened again. We went to our bi-weekly grocery trip to Wal-Mart and had dinner at Subway as usual. Everything is going fine. The kids are behaving as much as they can while trying to get attention. Then the crazy started. Nathan started wiggling in the buggy so I took him for a walk while Larry got the rest of the items on the list. Nathan decided he didn't want to walk and decided to start crawling on the floor of the Wal-Mart. I immediately picked him up only to have him wiggle his way out of my arms. I threw him over my shoulder and marched him back to the buggy. When he saw Larry he calmed a bit.

That's when the crazies hit Lia. We were standing in line to check out and I looked down and see that she's pulled down her pants. Her little moon was shining for everyone in check out lines 10-17 to see. I gasped and then she decided to start spanking herself. I could have just dug a whole right there. I snatched up her pants and told her to stop. I would have spanked her, I think, if I wouldn't have had Child Services called on me. She just laughed and did a little dance. Larry had gone to get something we forgot or I would have taken her to the bathroom and 'disciplined' her or taken her to the van. By the time he came back the moment was gone.

What do I do to make sure the kids behave in the store? We make sure to take them after nap and make sure they've eaten. They just turn into little crazies when we get in public. HELP!! Is it a full moon or something??!!

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Melissa said...

oh that's too funny! This very thing happened to me at McDonalds! Ella decided she needed to used the bathroom and pulled down her pants in the play area. Didn't the moment just feel frozen in time as the horror of it all swept over you? :)