Monday, October 20, 2008

Little men and women

I noticed our kids this week are suddenly grown ups trapped in a little man and a little woman's body. Lia is 4 going on 20 and Nathan isn't even 2 yet and already has an attitude. Lia has her expectations of how things should be and will fight for what she believes in...even if it's slightly distorted in her 4 year old mind.

Sunday we visited a different church and spent time with some friends. We told Lia we were going somewhere different and her first reaction was.."Will my sparkle sweater and jeans be okay or will I need to wear a dress?" She's FOUR, so why does it matter to her what she is wearing?? It just shows how our society is already affecting her innocence. I try my best to protect her, but that's all I can do. Thankfully her next thought was that she would make new friends. I reminded her that if they were going to be her friends that it really wouldn't matter to them what she was wearing. She smiled and agreed.

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